YES! We created our DREAM LIFE & now you can too..

Here's our story: From Zero To Millions

(Warning! Not for the feint hearted) 

Hey! It's awesome to meet you. I'm so glad you're here.

My name's Darren Sassienie or as I'm fondly referred to now "Coach DaZ", I'm the CEO of Success Unite.

Let's be clear. This is ALL about YOU. So if you just want some help, please feel free to skip this & WATCH OUR FREE TRAINING or feel free to checkout more about how our Coaching might be able to help you.

We frequently get asked "how can I also become successful?" - so for those of you who are interested in getting to know how we did it.

Here's our story...

I have huge gratitude & love 💖 for life & a deep passion to help others succeed.

It's been a crazy ride - but here's my story:

My parents split up when I was young. I was bullied at school. I didn't do well at school.

I was a shy child and a bit of an introvert. I struggled with anxiety and felt uncomfortable about trying to 'fit in' & find my value in this crazy world.

The truth was even at a young age - I just hadn't found 'my tribe' (but more on that in a bit).

My dad was working 18 hour days & close to burn out.

I saw my mom working 3 jobs flat out - just to try to put food on the table & support us.

She was working SO HARD and I just thought to myself: "I've got to do something to support, to help look after my family - to get us out of this situation." 

So I got my first job as soon as I legally could - working in McDonalds for less than $3 per hour!

It wasn't much but it was a start.

Fun fact: Jeff Bezos (Founder Amazon Net Worth $199.9BN) also worked in McDonalds!).

But then I started to get in with the wrong crowd of people.

You may have heard it said by Tony Robbins' Mentor (Jim Rohn) - that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

A great lesson truly learned (in time).

Looking back, I'm not proud of who I was & the decisions I made.

I was smoking, gambling, drinking & honestly I found myself in a situation where I was just surrounded by toxic, negative people who were just no good for me at all!

My life could of gone in a very different direction here, but I stayed level headed because...

But I knew I was capable of so much more...

I was determined to make something of myself. I knew I had to turn things around for me & for my family.

So I gave myself a real good talking to & I pushed through my insecurities & all the things that were holding me back.

It was really scary & uncomfortable - but I reminded myself of a few things:

1. I was capable of so much more...

2. I needed to do this for myself & my family.

3. There were others out there, struggling who needed me.

So I put myself 'out there'. I opened my mind up to new opportunities, to learning from other successful people, I started to accept that I didn't know what I didn't know & I made a commitment to do whatever it takes!

I landed a job where I worked my way up in the fastest time in the company's history ever & ended up making multi millions of $ for that company by advising CEO's & businesses, helping them with their Brand, Marketing, Generating More Clients / Customers & Increasing their Sales & Profits.

But then in truth, I got tired of the petty internal office politics and being around people who didn't appreciate me. I was working ridiculously hard and for what? To make someone else rich. Not being paid what I was truly worth. It was a wake up call for me! It left me feeling deflated, undervalued & I had that question...

"Is THIS all there is to my life?"

So I left my corporate job. My family & friends were telling me I was wrong! I was crazy! But after all - who's life was this right? Correct - this was MY LIFE - not theirs. I felt like I was capable of so much more in this world & I had to go ALL IN on myself because I didn't want to live (or die) with ANY regrets, always wondering - what if?

So, with knowing next to nothing - I left my comfort zone. I felt scared about the future, but at the same time - truly excited for the first time in life about all the possibilities that I was now opening up. I had officially become an 'entrepreneur'.

I tried starting a few businesses. But I made lots of mistakes & they failed!

I got myself into over $200k in debt. I was working harder than ever, because I naively thought that if I work harder, I'll find success. Not true. It's all about working smarter. >>> Making more by doing less & having a greater positive impact.

And so, here I am...

I'm watching webinars & consuming free content. I'm buying e-books and guides and courses & programs and I find myself completely and utterly overwhelmed!

I don't know what to focus my attention on for the best. I jump from one thing to the next, desperately searching for what's going to make me successful. But now I'm kinda feeling overwhelmed, stressed out & completely frustrated because I'm looking around, seeing everyone else winning - yet I'm not achieving my goals.

And can I let you into a secret here?

I've never shared this with anyone before. But you know what - it really starts to affect my confidence in a big way. And I start thinking - hmmm maybe it's ME!

Maybe I'm not good enough. What's it all for?!

And I'm at the point where it's all just getting too much for me and I JUST FEEL LIKE GIVING UP COMPLETELY!

And I'm like - "What do I REALLY want to do with my life now?"

Then my amazing wife Hollie has a few miscarriages. We go from being on top of the world to heartbroken.

But we carry on. And after many more months, she gets pregnant again - BUT this time, she starts passing out frequently.

She urgently gets rushed to hospital several times by ambulance - where she finally gets diagnosed with a rare, incurable heart & lung condition.

I get told by specialists that there's a 50% chance that my wife, Hollie may die!

We wonder if our baby will survive too. We're advised NOT to 'Google' Hollie's condition. But curiosity gets the better of us. We 'Google' her condition - & in every case mum dies, leaving dad alone with a new baby standing at mom's funeral.

Alarms & flashing red lights everywhere suddenly go off during delivery. I look around the room for reassurance, but the specialists look at each other and they look petrified. My heart skips a beat. I feel dizzy. I start to wonder if it's all over. I start to wonder if I've lost my best friend, my wife & my soulmate. Have I lost our baby too? I am now on my own?

The bells and lights STOP ringing & flashing.

I check to see if Hollie is still breathing. She is. I breathe a sigh of relief (for now).

Our baby is born. Its a girl. She is rushed immediately to special care for breathing difficulties.

Hollie gets rushed into another building in intensive care (she's the only conscious one there).

Everything's very still. Everyone in intensive care is hooked up to multiple machines.

There's lots of beeping, which is the only thing that tells me that they're still alive (just).

Imagine for a second... Mom immediately gets separated from our new baby. I don't know if she's going to survive.

I watch someone die behind Hollie. She's totally unaware.

I see the family rush in - hysteria, but kind of played out in slow motion. I'm now in a double air pressurised chamber with Hollie (to keep any germs out). So I hear nothing as all of this unfolds. All I can do is watch.

Meanwhile I'm trying to stay focused on Hollie (who doesn't see any of this) - reassuring her that everything will be ok.

I'm praying it will.

(Between you and I - I'm secretly terrified as I rush between special care & intensive care, wondering if either my wife or my new baby will make it through). 

After 4 days I finally get a quick visit signed off & approved so that mom can finally see her baby.

It gives Hollie a well needed boost. 

And then I have this epiphany:

I start to realize how precious life really is (did you know - we have a 400 trillion to one chance of being here?) & I realize how lucky we are - how important it is for us to make every single day count!

My purpose becomes clear: I want to help people.

You know, the truth is - that actually - I've ALWAYS wanted to help people - & I've known that deep inside of me for a long time!

Who's the one that's always giving other people good advice, who's the one they come to - it's me. And maybe it's you too. I  just didn't have the 'know-how' or the courage to actually get out there & do it in a much bigger way!

The truth is - I didn't even know where or how to even start!

But then I go out there, I commit to myself. To my family. I go ALL IN and invest in myself.

I hire my first ever Coach to get the help that I KNOW I need, in order to shortcut my success.

I'm sick and tired of struggling. Of not achieving my goals. Of working too hard. Of not getting paid what I'm really worth. Of not unlocking my true potential in life. Of not being able to support my family. Of not doing something I love, that I'm passionate about. Of not contributing to making the world a better place for all of us. Of not being able to....turn my DREAMS & GOALS into a reality.

I'm done with it!

So I decide enough is enough. I'm finally going to change things.


I'M READY! I need someone to help me, to teach me what I don't know, to support me, to hold me accountable.

So that I can FINALLY begin turning my DREAMS into a REALITY & I can FINALLY start achieving my goals - because I'M NOW FINALLY READY to stop wasting time trying to figure it all out for myself because that just doesn't work!

I know this because I've tried!

So, here I go. I decide to get out of my own way & commit because I want to make this happen. Starting right now!


Simple. 3 Reasons: 

1. For me - because I deserve it. 

2. For my family - because they deserve it. 

3. And for all those who need me right now. 

And sure enough, I take what I've learnt & I make it my own.

I breathe a sigh of relief for the first time in a long time because of my decision - it FINALLY starts working for me.

I realize quickly EVERYTHING that I've been doing wrong before this point. And yet it's so simple.

Success - I start winning my first clients (even with a terribly slow, old laptop!)

It feels EXCITING!

And then I hit my first ever $10k month (& after all I've been through - it feels AMAZING!)

And very quickly momentum builds...

Then I hit my first $10k DAY!

And now?

I'm finally doing meaningful work that I LOVE every single day. 

My clients* are getting amazing results.

[*These are ordinary people. Just like I was. Nothing special about me whatsoever.]

That makes me super happy & gives me meaning in my life & real sense of achievement. 

I then start building a 7 figure business & I realise the key is to really go online.

I make Millions of $ online & market my products & services.

And now Hollie & I have worked with over 30 celebrities, We've won over 20 awards, We've judged the most successful businesses in the country alongside 14 MBE's, CBE's & OBE's who have been recognised by the Queen. We've spoken on stages & been featured on the radio & TV to millions. We get to hang out with other incredible people who are at the top of their game too, people like Gary Vaynerchuck & Les Brown for example.

We help Sir Richard Branson set a Guinness World Record too.

Les Brown

We're genuinely loving life every single day because we're working less, earning much more, doing what we love & what we're passionate about - which is helping others to unlock their full potential in life & turn their DREAMS into their REALITY. 

We can take as many vacations as we like & literally work from anywhere in the world that we chose. I love travelling (so far I've visited 42 amazing countries). And everyday feels like a holiday. I'm incredibly grateful for the life we've created for ourselves & for our family. And the best bit is - because we're making more, we're able to give more, to support charities & foundations & we're able to live an incredible life whilst having a huge positive impact in the world. That's an amazing feeling.  

I now have total time & financial freedom in my life, I can give my family everything that they desire too, I can travel the world & now we show others how they can do the same...

And If I can do it - there's no reason why you can't do it too!


No more excuses holding you back. 

Now let's turn all of YOUR DREAMS INTO A REALITY - (just like I did) starting RIGHT NOW.

And YES, it is 100% possible for you, in the same way it's been possible for all those who we've helped so far get amazing results.

We want YOU to be our next success story.

The only question left to ask yourself is... how serious are YOU about making this happen? 

Big love 

Coach DaZ 🤩

To YOUR success...