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If You Are New Or Currently Generating Less Than $10,000 Per Month Right Now, Then You Need "Get Clients". 

If You Are Already Generating More Than $10,000 Per Month & You Want To Scale To Multi 6 & 7 Figures Then Scroll Down You Need The V.I.P Club.

Beyond 7 Figures (Exclusively By invitation only).

You're in the right place! No more messing around! 

Let's just get to work on building Your dream Business The Right Way -> on your terms. everything you need to start winning clients now.

how others have generated $10,000 - $50,000 within just 90 Days Using Our Proven & Tested Simple: A+B+C=Clients Organic Marketing Method™

Please STOP trying to figure it all out for yourself. You're probably burning time, energy & money and most never get there. It only leads to procrastination, frustration, confusion & overwhelm. 

YES! There is an easier way. A MUCH easier way. 

Get Clients has been specifically designed to help you WIN in the fastest & easiest way possible. Define your niche, find, attract & win high ticket clients and build a $10,000+ a month coaching business in just 90 days or less!

Work Less. Make More. Give More.

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Full transparency, for our higher level coaching we are pretty selective about who we choose to work with and help (and demand is high right now), so unfortunately you are not just automatically given a place just because you apply & you can afford it.

However should you be successful in your application; for those who are invited in to get our help and potentially get started on an incredible life changing journey of passion, purpose & freedom in the GET CLIENTS ACADEMY™ - we have a TRIPLE GURANTEE IN PLACE for them.

Guarantee #1 - ROI Promise Guarantee. We're so confident in our process, strategies, frameworks, roadmaps, support, accountability, mentorship & coaching that if for some reason you don't achieve a return on investment within 6 months - we'll refund you in full.

Guarantee #2 - 1:1 Care, Attention & Support Guarantee. The problem with other programs is the groups are so big that you can spend hours of your time just waiting to get the help you need and then when that time comes - your time is limited! In our eyes, that's just not best use of your time. So every client that we work with gets the 1:1 care, attention & support from us that they really need! 

Guarantee #3 - Results & Time Guarantee. We genuinely want you to succeed. It's really as simple as that. You'll hear it time & time again in our testimonials. Most of our clients crack $10,000 within 12 weeks! Some have cracked in within weeks and even up to $50,000. But if for any reason you apply everything we teach you and it takes you a little longer for whatever reason, we'll continue to support you beyond the 12 week period until you're generating at least $10,000 per month in revenue ($120,000 per year).

everything you need to scale your dream business to $1,000,000+

Once you have already started to win clients & have generated at least $10,000-$50,000+, you're now ready to join the V.I.P Club. Now the fun really begins.

Take our step by step Roadmap to 7 figures, already built out systems, processes, KPI's & SOP's for Marketing, Sales, Operations, Client Delivery & Business Growth Strategies so that we can really take your business to the next level to give you the dream business & lifestyle that you want.

The V.I.P Club is for ambitious people who want to build a high 6 or $1,000,000+ business.

Important: Not everyone who applies will be accepted into the V.I.P Club.

Please note: This is all about doing what you love, on your terms, having fun & working smarter NOT harder.

Work Less. Make More. Give More.



How would you like a full monthly calendar of 43 pre-qualified potential clients who are interested in working with you & getting your help?(without any advertising spend required) 


- Meet Bridget

(Mom of 3)

- Meet Althea 

($24,000 in Week 1!)

- Meet Caroline

($40,000 within 5 weeks)

- The System Works

- Our client was charging $100 per hour before joining us. We helped her make $9,000 in 1 week!

- A $3,000 client won within 48 hours!

- From struggling to making $15,000 within 2 weeks. Huge win for one of our clients.

- Brand new business.

Not certified. No formal training. 

Client went from zero to $10,000 within just 4 weeks. 


"It was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for keeping me on course".

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"Oh my gosh! You guys are phenomenal - If someone was on the fence about working with you - I would highly recommend it!"

"Zero regrets. Actually not working with Darren sooner could of saved us a lot of money, & stress. So just give it a go".

"Great session, you did a great job - absolutely fantastic. I'm happy"

"Knowing the steps to each process & micro steps to each one was huge. So so effective. I'm working with people who genuinely care about others"

"I highly recommend this. You can see hear & feel Darren's passion - I'm so glad I took part. Thank you."

"It was really eye opening for me. Helped me think about the long game with things I hadn't even considered. Sending you guys so much love"

"Really really good. Really enjoyed it. Gave me clarity about moving moving forward in my life"

"Really easy to talk to & good advice, & direction".

"Just wanted to say how impressed I am with everything - it's all been awesome. Anybody thinking about working with Darren & Hollie I would definitely say jump in & go for it!"


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