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"Below you'll see our award winners, our client success interviews as well as screenshots from our feedback surveys and private mastermind group. We'll let you see for yourself! And yes of course, results will vary."

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Josh B.

10K bonus thank you very much!

#Win "I was looking for a way to get more sales through the door. I came across Darren & Hollie almost by accident - but I'm so glad I did. I've just exceeded my company sales target and bagged myself a nice little 10k bonus thanks to everything I've learnt. You guys rock x"

Disclaimer: Darren & Hollie's results and the results you will see from testimonials on this page are not typical. They are testimonials from their own personal experiences and should not be considered as any kind of guarantee. We are truly passionate about our clients winning and their success but unfortunately we are unable to guarantee that individuals will actually do the hard work that is necessary in order for them to become successful. Joining our programmes therefore does not guarantee anything. 

First Ever $15,950 Client!

kim h.

"#Win Today I closed a deal for my first ever 12 month coaching programme for £12k!!! I'm speechless. They've paid in full and we're starting next week. Thank you doesn't even begin to show how grateful I am for everything you've helped me with."

Helped Us Turnover Millions! 

charles j.

I highly recommend Darren as a brilliant, high growth business expert. He helped us acquire a huge amount of high quality customers to increase our revenue and even saved us a huge amount of money too! If you are serious about growing your business then you need a high-energy, high growth professional who can help you implement strategies work & I highly recommend working with Darren Sassienie."

4 inbound enquiries, 1 new client won!

... A complete Game Changer

9 Leads, 3 new Client Won!



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our students get amazing life changing results


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Disclaimer: These testimonials are not expected to be considered as "typical results." These clients have worked very hard following our advice, our system and they have worked closely with our coaches. We have had a very small percentage (under 1%) of clients who decide to join our program, but then they don't follow our system or our professional advice and as expected not get results. We're really shortcutting your success by giving you everything that we know works for us and most of our clients who are willing to do the work, but we hope you understand, you have to play some part in your success too. The purpose of these testimonials is to let you hear from people who have had great results so you can hear their story.

6 new clients + 23 booked calls

#Win "I don't usually go for things like this but was recommended to you and like what I heard. We already run a successful business but hungry for growth so I was looking for new ways to get more leads in and turn them into paying clients. Glad we did it. We've picked up 6 new clients already and got another 23 calls booked for next week."

Paul J


Generated $7970 + rolling monthly fee!

#Win "I needed a way to get more clients for my consultancy practise. The tools and strategies that we've learnt from Darren & Hollie have been invaluable and it's been fun too. But best of all, I had 4 scheduled calls this week with people interested in working with me and I managed to generate £6k initially with an agreement to keep it rolling each month as long as we're all happy. Time for a celebratory drink. Thank you everyone"

John F.

3 new potential clients

(1 gained already + 2 calls tomorrow)

#Win "Had 3 people message me this week via LinkedIn who are interested in working with me. I sold one of my smaller programmes via message and have 2 discovery calls booked for tomorrow & Thursday! Love this #excited

Laura K.

£12k ($15k) in my bank that i didn't have yesterday!

Just the help I needed!

"I got made redundant from my job of 12 years and was really worried. I decided to start up on my own and needed to get my a** into action quick time. I'm so glad that I came across Darren & Hollie, they've been a lifeline to me and really helped me get back up on my feet again with a real, profitable business of my own! I'm forever grateful for all of your help"

Michelle R.

More time now to do what I love - highly recommended!

"I took the LinkedIn Booster Programme and thought I'd learn a couple of things. The amount of value that I've got from this is hard to put into words. What I've learnt has totally changed the way I do business for the better. I'm working less, getting paid more and actually choosing who I want to work with. As a result I've had more time to travel and do the things I love to do whilst still helping a bunch of people. If you've never worked with Darren & Hollie before - it's most definitely highly recommended." 


1st ideal client won within 6 weeks !!

4 new clients won!

it really does work..

had to take on 2 new team members just to keep up with the demand!!

incredible results even for beginners...

(These quick transformations have been incredible to watch ) 👇

Disclaimer: Darren & Hollie's results and the results you will see from testimonials on this page are not typical. They are testimonials from their own personal experiences and should not be considered as any kind of guarantee. We are truly passionate about our clients winning and their success but unfortunately we are unable to guarantee that individuals will actually do the hard work that is necessary in order for them to become successful. Joining our programmes therefore does not guarantee anything. 

Secured New Partnerships With Some Of The Largest Brands In The Country

"Thanks to Darren & Hollie, we secured new partnerships with some of the largest brands in the UK using LinkedIn – a testament to their relentless energy and drive."

Ollie B.

Successful Business Owner

sold 4 of my packages at increased rate of £2k each! ($10,625 total)

i'd glady pay more, already got it back X3 times over!

almost $8,000 in sales already...

A million times better than i ever dreamed it could be!

Q) What is your success rate?

A) We are super proud of all of our clients and everything that they have all achieved and accomplished through working with us to help them. Their success REALLY matters to us (which is one of the reasons why we are particular about who we choose to accept into our programme). Clients come to us from literally all over the world because they know we're genuine, we really care, we're experienced (over 20 years) and we help them get amazing (life changing) results. However, 

The challenge with the word 'success' is that it means different things to different people.

We monitor our clients' progress consistently throughout our programme daily, weekly, monthly and they also complete an exit survey. What we can tell you with 100% certainty after hearing it directly from all of our clients and having analysed the data from all of them - is that every single one of them has found success through being in our programme. This is usually found in the following areas: More clarity in their business, more balance in their life, better productivity, less overwhelm, more confidence, more authority, large brand awareness, the ability to focus on the right things that move the needle, an increase in inbound enquiries, more leads and of course more high ticket paying clients.

Unfortunately, even with all the tools in the world and highly individualized 1-1 coaching some individuals still won't put the work in. However the 86+% who do get results and hit their goals.

Long story short if you don't like hard work and you blame others for where you are not a fit for you. If you want to follow someone who's done 8 figures in sales in less than 2 years you won't have any issue making a 6 figure income (even if your skills suck).

Q) What exactly can you help me with?

A) Great question - we're glad you asked. Here is a brief overview of some of the things that we have helped other coaches like you with:

- Help you sell a high ticket programme (to increase your monthly profits)
- Help you package up your genius so that you become really easy to buy from
- Help you with your messaging that lands, resonates & converts
- Help you with your pricing. Want to know a secret? Most people are undercharging - let's get you paid what you're really worth
- Help you with using LinkedIn in the right way so that you can find (& win) your ideal clients
- Help you with building your brand & authority so that you can become the go-to expert within your niche
- Help you with client fulfilment
- Help you with making your sales process super easy for you
- Help you work more efficiently - that means you work smarter, not harder
- Help you with increasing your inbound leads (filled with clients wanting to work with you)
- Help you with winning more of your dream clients easily
- Help you with accountability, support, advice, highly effective & proven strategies 
- Unlimited 1-1 coaching
... We work together on a 1:1 basis to help you build your business effectively, efficiently in the right way.

Quite simply, our clients get great results because we give them & help them with EVERYTHING they need.

Q) Do you help brand new coaches or just established coaches?

A) We help all coaches. From total beginner to expert. Transitioning from a current or past job to 'I've been coaching for many years'. You don't even need to have an offer yet. We will help you with EVERYTHING you need to make this successful for you. The truth is that most coaches are really brilliant at what they do - helping their clients (NOT sales and marketing). It just so happens that luckily for you - we're brilliant at both!

Q) Why do you recommend I sell an (HTO) High Ticket Offer?

Oh so many reasons, but we'll give you the short version.

For you to sell low ticket offers requires you to have a ton of marketing knowledge, experience, budget and also a longer buying cycle (which ultimately means it's much harder for you to win and it takes you longer and you get paid later). 

In contrast, when you have a high ticket offer...

1. You get paid more.

2. Your marketing gets (a lot) easier! (it's almost impossible for you not to win!)

Here's an example for you. 

Imagine if you were only making $2500 per month and you were trying to sell a $27 product. 

Well here's what would happen, firstly you would lose money trying to promote it.

But worse still, even if you managed to this organically - you would still be working your **s off just to try and sell 10 in order to make yourself $270!!! What!?!

Now be honest. Is that really going to change your life?

Chances are the answers NO and you'd be stuck in the same horrible place you are now (unsuccessfully trying to get everything to work for you when you know that it's not going to happen)

Instead how about you sell 1 package for $3,000 / $5,000 / $10,000+ and you actually start to see your life change immediately.

And YES it is 100% possible. (Our clients didn't believe it initially either - that is until it actually started happening to them!)

High ticket is your fastest way to success if you're a beginner or you're a coach currently doing less than 7 figures per year.

Q) How do you help coaches to sell High Ticket Offer? (typically $3000 - $100,000)

A) Simple...we know what it takes for you to win. It comes down to a few things really; your offer, your results, your messaging, your marketing. We know exactly what you need to scale your business in the most highly effective and profitable way for you (because we've been there, done it and helped many others do the same). We'll also make it easy for you to understand and implement.

Business doesn't need to be complex or stressful (when you have a proven path to follow). 

We believe it should be Easy, Enjoyable and Scalable. That's why coaches who trust us - have a lot of fun (and of course get great results too!).

Q) How did you become successful?

A) It definitely wasn't as easy as it is now! Darren's first job was in McDonalds. Hollie's was in the Disney Store. What you need to understand is that there's nothing at all that's special about us, except we are ambitious, we are always willing to listen and learn and we LOVE helping others. That's it. These are all skills that with the right mindset and action are easy for you to adopt and implement too (and of course the right highly effective proven strategies - but we'll give you those too!).  

Look here's the thing, we spent years and years wasting our time and money trying to figure everything out for ourselves. We realised (finally!) that it's impossible for you to win with this approach due to one thing: You don't know what you don't know.

We want to save you all those years of hard work, pain, long hours and frustration and just give you the 'keys' to the car - or in this case, everything we've learnt over the last 20+ years that we know works for us and our clients so that we can just expedite your success and help you grow your profitable business easily.

Over the years, we've invested hundreds of thousands in ourselves and learned from the best and that's what's allowed us to achieve the following:

- Judging the countries top businesses alongside x19 OBE's, CBE's & MBE's
- Helping Sir Richard Branson set a Guinness World Record
- Featuring on Dragon's Den (Shark Tank equivalent) to a huge TV audience of millions
- Countless press & media features, radio too
- Partnering with over 30 celebs
- Managing multi millions in marketing budgets with an incredible ROI
- Winning over 20 business awards
- Building teams of up to 150 people
- Helping FTSE100 CEO's & senior teams ($BN companies) with their brand & marketing
- Working in over 40 countries
- Helping countless amazing coaches like you to literally change their lives for the better..

If you're ready - let's do this together for you...

Q) What's the difference between your program vs anyone else...

A) 1. Well for starters, we're not just all talk. We've been where you are and have over 20+ years EXPERIENCE in brand, sales & marketing to back it up (we've helped thousands with this including the most successful FTSE100 CEO's) and we've achieved more than most people would in 10 lifetimes (and helped coaches just like you to achieve their full potential).

2. We REALLY care about our clients. You'll hear this time and time again from anyone who's been in our program or worked with us before. Other things that you'll hear from our clients: we're genuine, we're credible, our programs over-deliver, everyone gets so much more than they anticipated, we make the entire process easy and fun and of course - we help you get RESULTS.

Also see the next question and answer...

Q) I've tried other courses / programs / coaching and it didn't work, how do I know that this will?

A) You have to go with your instinct. Our clients who did just that haven't had any regrets at all about working with us (apart from the one's who say that they just wish they'd found us and started working with us sooner - true story!). 

Many of clients have tried other courses / programs / coaches before and unfortunately they just weren't very good. It happens and it upsets us that this goes on, which is why we're very vocal about 'fake gurus' and unethical people who don't have the luxury of 20+ years experience like us. 

What we will tell you are 3 things that you need to know right now:

1.  We're teaching you the exact same methods and our unique highly effective proven strategies that we use ourselves and all of our clients use to help you grow easily.

2. For those clients of ours who choose to join us (having been 'burned' in the past by others) - they say that we're actually the ones who turn things around positively for them and how brilliant and helpful our program is.

3. Due to seeing our clients results - we're so 100% confident in our ability to help YOU also get the results that you desire and deserve, that we also provide a conditional money back guarantee. So it's totally risk free for you to dip your toe in. Join us and if for ANY reason at all - you don't like what you see, you don't like us, you don't like the way we teach, you don't like the way we support you or anything else at all - you can get your money back (no question) and we'll part ways as friends. That's our promise. All the risk is on us because we know how much we can help you - so there's ZERO risk for you, but an incredible amount that you can benefit from starting right now...

Q) I'm interested, but scared and not sure if I'm ready :/

A) We hear you. And we TOTALLY get it because we were once exactly where you are right now.

We had spent far too long trying to 'mess around' and figure out everything for ourselves (which was a huge mistake as it ended up costing us much much more in our time and loss of revenue in the long run).

We had an opportunity, very much like this one. Our first coach asked us for a $24k commitment over 7 years ago. We were scared. We only had $2k in our bank account - but we knew it was the right thing for us to do if we wanted to move our business forward and change our lives for good - we had to learn from others how to do it.

From taking that one small, first step, it has enabled us to achieve everything we have today (and we've never looked back since).

Remember, that most people don't live their lives to the fullest and subsequently they end up dying with regrets. Please don't let that be you. The truth is that the magic begins when we start to step outside of our comfort zones. And in the same way that we learnt to walk or perhaps ride a bike or learnt to swim or even learnt to talk before we're ready - we did it - didn't we..

And you can do this.

We've got you. We're here for you. We're going to help & support you every single step of the way.

So, shall we do this?

Q) I really want in, but I can't afford it - anything you can do to help me?

A) Sure. One thing you'll learn about us if we work together is that we will ALWAYS do EVERYTHING we can to help you.

To this end, we have financing options for you where it's 0% APR for up to 6 months.

If you're interested in the financing option or have any questions simply email us at with the subject line "Financing Option Please" to schedule a quick 15 minute call with our team and we'll be happy to walk you through everything you need.

Q) I don't have any case studies yet - will that be an issue when I join your program?

A) Not at all. Please don't worry. 

You need to understand that it's perfectly normal for every successful person / company to start from zero.

Just as we did too.

As long as you can demonstrate value to your clients, be relatable and you are passionate about what you do - then we will show you exactly how you can easily start building your brand, authority, clients & case studies.

Q) How can you justify your pricing for helping me?

A) Well there are a few things that you should think about here...

1. You deserve to be well paid for the great work that you do - right?

Let us ask you this... If you could choose to get paid $50-$500 or $5000 per client - which would you prefer? Don't get us wrong, you shouldn't do what you do just for the money alone (you should do it for the impact and the love). But equally, when you are able to get paid well for doing a great job or helping your clients overcome a specific challenge or get amazing results - there's nothing wrong with that either.

2. Specialists get paid more than generalists. You don't need to work with everyone (and shouldn't). Once you've been through our program - you won't need to be put in a position anymore where you end up having to work with clients who you don't really want to - just for the money. Instead, you'll get to choose who you want to work with and because of that - you'll also feel much happier about providing your service and therefore you'll enjoy it more too.

Do you see how everything is linked? Ultimately we're going to teach you too how to get paid more for the great work that you do, in addition you get to work with who you want to, when you want to - and we'll show you how you can build a profitable business that is designed around you and one that you truly love in every way.

3. Your clients will be super grateful, get better results and thank you for that.

One thing that we've always noticed is that our clients get much better results when they pay more. Why?

Because it's a fact that we place more value on the things that we pay for and even higher value on the things that we pay the most for. By choosing to work with clients who will pay you more money, you will notice they are more invested in you and because of that - they will try harder and usually always achieve far more than clients who do not.

Q) Do I need to be good with technology?

A) Absolutely not. Remember, we've got you. We'll literally walk you through step by step with EVERYTHING that you need. Better still, there are ZERO complicated technology integrations required in the LinkedIn Booster Program and for our longer programs we give you step-by-step fool proof videos / documents or templates that even our grandma could set-up so you can totally rock!

Q) Do I need to have experience with or be amazing at sales?

A) Nope. We'll show you three options to grow your coaching business - then you choose. The first will show you how you can get clients without even having to jump on a call with them! The second will walk you through with a proven framework and template exactly how you can improve your conversion rate - which means you can scale even faster (and thirdly if you'd rather not do the calls, you can always choose to hire that bit out too).

Q) Do I need a big social following, network or email list?

A) Nope. We didn't have one and we still don't really. 

You literally just need a free LinkedIn account, a laptop or your phone a willingness to learn and implement what we teach you and of course the right positive attitude. 

This isn't about vanity metrics, this is all about knowing how to get leads on demand and you being able to leverage that to your advantage. We know lots of people who have a huge following but very little in their bank account!

Q) Can you let me in for free and I'll pay you later?

A) Erm. No. Sorry. We wouldn't expect you to teach everything you've learnt in 20+ years to someone without being paid so you can't expect the same from us. A broke Tony Robins was in the same position with his coach and mentor Jim Rohn who told him if he really wants it - he'll find a way. Now Tony Robbins charges clients a million just to work with him and has a net worth of over $600M. Just shows you what a great coach can really do for you.

Q) If I purchase now can I start later?

A) Yes you can. We've had clients purchase a few months in advance because they know they really need it and some have even secured their spot 10 months in advance with us. Once you've joined, you'll have the reassurance and know that we've got you.

Q) Is this just for new people starting out or will it help me grow my existing business?

A) Our program has been specifically designed so that even a beginner can understand it, but if you're doing less than 7 figures right now this is going to help you (as it has done others) tremendously.

Q) Which country do I need to be in to join?

A) We have worked in over 40 countries and we have clients all over the world in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Mexico, South America, Europe and more. So rest assured - you're in good hands.

Q) I'm not sure if I'm too late / old - will this work for  me?

A) It absolutely will. In fact some of our best clients are older because they typically have the most money to invest.
If you're older and you can relate to the older demographics you will do exceptionally well.

Q) This is a new venture  for me / I don't have any experience / I don't have a niche yet - can you help me? 

A) 100%. We can help you as long as you show up with an open mind, a positive attitude and you're willing to learn from us and implement everything you need.

Q) How much do I need to spend on ads? 

A) Zero. We have designed everything specifically so that you can start making money without a single dollar / pound / euro (or any other currency) in ad spend.

Q) I'm ready, but what if I need to ask someone else' permission?

A) It's always better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Trust yourself to take the leap and let them know them afterwards (and there's a very good reason for us saying this...)

If you have to ask for permission from someone else in order for you to be successful - you will stay stuck. Our family told us that we were 'idiots' when we left our jobs to start building our own successful business and just look where we are today, everything we've achieved and all the lives we've changed for the better.

Q) Can I speak to you 1:1?

A) Sure. Most of our clients join not only because they want our highly effective proven strategies, because they know we really care about them and their result, because they need our coaching, leadership and direction - but also because of who we are and everything we've achieved. You'll absolutely get access to us as well our team to teach you everything you need right now, to help you, support you, hold you accountable and of course answer any questions you may have along the way.







As you can clearly see from our countless testimonials, what we teach just works. Yes, it really is as simple as that.

It's EXACTLY what we use to successfully grow our business and it's been proven to work by our clients.

Here's the thing, it doesn't matter if you don't feel that you have enough experience, if you're lacking confidence, if you've failed in the past, if you don't think people will want to buy from you.. these are all blocks to your success and we've successfully helped clients overcome them all and more to great success (all over the world in a huge variety of sectors / niches). 

Of course, nothing in any of our lives or business is 100% guaranteed, however we can most certainly do everything we possibly can to steer them in the right direction. We would be honoured, privileged and 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals.

We are excited and looking forward to working with you!


Let's get started! 

Your first step is a FREE strategy session with one of our online success coaches.




Your first step is a FREE strategy session with one of our online success coaches.

  • Freedom: Grow your business in the RIGHT WAY so that it makes you money whilst you get total freedom to do everything you want in your life...
  • Results: Not only for you, but you'll be feeling truly amazing knowing that you're in a great position where you are able to help others and also create positive impact in the world (whilst we help you achieve all of your goals). 
  • Success: We're GIVING YOU our highly effective & proven system to shortcut & expedite your success (it's taken us years & $$$ to figure all of this out) because we want you to win too. This is so you can build a profitable, predictable business that you are able to scale in the fastest, easiest & most efficient way possible.

Let's get started! 

Your first step is a FREE strategy session with one of our online success coaches.