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"How To Have More Freedom & Impact... So That You Can Finally Start Living Life On Your Terms"

Hey, it’s so great to meet you.

Darren & Hollie Sassienie here. 

We’re super excited to help guide you on this amazing journey and ensure that you have a business that you love, that's built on your terms whilst making sure you are getting paid what you are really worth.


Let's start at the beginning - shall we?

Why is it that you want to become a successful Coach?

Most people get into Coaching because they are truly passionate about helping others.

We realize that we have a gift and we want to share it with others - right?

Maybe you've always been that person who people come to for help, advice, guidance or support.

For some of us - others have told us that we should definitely Coach (so we clearly have some skills here).

Or perhaps it's just something you're really interested in and passionate about exploring further.

The world is such a beautiful place & we can contribute in a huge, positive way through Coaching.


For some, Coaching is completely new. It’s a brand new start. An exciting adventure.

Many people have been in full or part time employment for many years, but are tired of the lack of work/life balance and now want to explore having their own online business that's 100% designed around their lifestyle, and allows them to spend their time doing something that they truly love.

Many actually realize that they’ve actually been ‘Coaching’ people for many years (just not ‘officially’ / getting paid for it).  Perhaps you are the person that everyone in your circle of family / colleagues or friends come to for advice when they need it.

Others have been Coaching for many years, but their business just isn’t where they want it to be. They need to transition it successfully online - as that’s where the huge business opportunity is right now, today.

Well the good news is that we’re here to support you, whichever sounds most like you…


Imagine spending your time, living your true purpose & passion, working with amazing clients (and doing it 100% on your terms).

It’s certainly one of life’s great pleasures.

Because so many people end up in jobs that quite frankly aren’t fulfilling them.

They feel trapped.

(And most have been stuck there for far too long - and they know it!)

It’s sad.

But even worse - because it lures you into a false sense of ‘security’ (eg it pays the bills), they end up never really unlocking their true full potential or happiness in life.

Which isn’t great.

Actually it’s awful.

You only have to look at Bronnie Ware’s study revealing the top regrets from the dying to realize how trapped most people are and consequently how wrong most people get it not only now - but throughout their entire life!

And it's usually just fear that holds most of us back.

Once we can move past it - get outside of our comfort zone a little - guess what?

There's a whole (much) better life for us that's right there - just waiting on the other side.

Because the truth is that we ONLY get one shot here.

And so, it's important that we make every single day count.

However most people simply give up before they even start!

Why? Well, because it's hard. You know it and we know it.

In fact, it's actually near impossible when you're stuck, trying to figure it all out by yourself. 

It's frustrating, overwhelming and quite frankly it doesn't make you feel good about yourself or your life!

But here's the key...

It doesn't need to be that way.

Not anymore.

A simple decision, with the right help and everything changes for the better. 

Luckily for us, we have the advantage of being able to need to learn from others mistakes, wisdom, experience and learnings in order to improve our own lives and shortcut our own success.

That's how we can have everything we dream of.

And It's SO MUCH closer than most people even realize!

So why are we sharing this with you?

Very simply, we don’t want that to be you.

You know that feeling you get on holiday - where you're totally free, relaxed, in a great mood, loving life - well imagine feeling like that EVERY DAY!!!

Pretty good - right?

Well, we have worked with people from all walks of life and what we know for sure - is that it is 100% possible for you - whatever your past, with our mentorship, you can have a business that is profitable, repeatable and scalable.

And one of the best bits; you don't need to be techy / you don't need to be certified and no previous experience is necessary (though of course it is always welcome.)

Coaching has the power to give you EVERYTHING that you desire & deserve in your life right now.

Because the reality is, that there are people out there who NEED YOU right now.

(And they’re willing to pay you handsomely & fairly for your help too).

But most people aren't being paid their true worth, mainly because they don't know how. Well don't you worry - we can also help you with that too.


Over the last 24 years we’ve coached and advised and helped thousands of people to finally get unstuck so that they can unlock their true potential and start living their life to the fullest. 

  1. The Coaching business model is one of the best business models out there (as long as you know how to get the foundations in place, set it up in the right way & scale it correctly).  Note: If you don't, don't worry - we can help you!

There’s no stock, zero inventory, no physical goods or supply chain to manage.

Which makes things super simple.

(And it also means that your margins are fantastic eg 60-90% vs 20-40% in a traditional business – so in essence you can work less, make more & give more back - which is a great position to be in and feels amazing).

  1. You are also able to choose your clients and also easily obtain clients (once you know how) from all over the world (if you wish to) as you run your business from the comfort of your own home (or even traveling around the world yourself) because all you need is a laptop or your phone & of course an internet connection.
  1. You’re also able to charge your clients high ticket (meaning they'll pay you a minimum of $1,000 each) in exchange for the great value that you provide, which means that you can work less hours, with people you really enjoy working with + it’s relatively easy for you to reach, grow & exceed your monthly income goals very quickly (doing what you love).


The Global E-learning industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. In 2025 it is expected to reach $325BN (Forbes). That’s almost $1BN spent per day on personal development & learning as it becomes ‘the norm’ as more and more people invest in themselves to optimise their lives & businesses. Due to Covid-19 we anticipate that the next couple of years are going to be the golden years for Coaches as this really starts to ramp up in a big way from here on.


Data surpassed Oil as the world’s most valuable asset. People have realised that education & personal development isn’t just for school & it's not something you just stop as you get older. Continuous development allows us to keep our brain active and allows us to be the best we can be. For ourselves. For our family. For those who really need us right now.

And as everything becomes more accessible now, we are able to easily optimise our lives in so many ways in order to live each day feeling happier, healthier & more fulfilled. So whichever stage you’re at right now (brand new to the Coaching world or experienced) – there is a new huge opportunity for you to take advantage of here as the world shifts to a more hands on approach to online learning. So grab it with both hands and make sure that you don’t miss out on it.



Most people get into Coaching because they’re really interested in helping others either overcome a specific challenge in their lives or business or to help them achieve a really great result. However, for most of us, even though money isn’t the key driver as Coaches, naturally - we want to at least be ‘comfortable’ and not have to ‘worry’ about money at all. 

The reality is that when we’re doing amazing work and helping incredible people because we are genuinely passionate about it, increased wealth is usually a bi-product, which is great – because not only does it mean that we’re able to support our families and give them everything they need, but it also means that we are able to put that money to really great use by supporting charities that mean a lot to us. 

For example, through the great work that we’ve been able to help our clients achieve - we’ve also been able to support homeless people on our streets in a big way, build wells in 3rd world countries, support animal charities and help prevent diseases to improve humanity & society not only now but also for future generations. Essentially, the more you make – the more you can give.

Throughout this great work that we’re doing, it allows us to have a greater sense of pride, self worth, meaning & positive impact in the world – which is an incredible feeling.

But in addition to all of this, when you are able to build your Coaching business in the right way, the entire process becomes almost effortless thanks to the foundations that you have built & the effective systems & processes that you have been able to put in place. 

And you don't need previous experience in coaching; you just need to have a desire to help others.  It is not a concern if you don't know it all, or you worry what you can help people with.  Coaching is about seeing things from a different perspective and your experience will grow, the more clients that you help.


You may be thinking " I have never coached before; how can I charge $3K/ $4K /$5K for my services?"

The answer - very easily.

There are a few steps that you need to take to ensure that you are getting paid what you are really worth and you feel 100% comfortable about doing so.

It begins with:

1) The Right Mindset 

Shifting and elevating your mindset to believe firstly in your ability, but also understand that you are able to get results for people which mean you are able to charge a high ticket price doing so.

The more you believe in yourself the more clients you will win.

If you doubt yourself and your worth and have negativity around your pricing, you are NEVER going to convince others that you are worth the price you are charging.  Because you do not believe it yourself.

(Many of our clients start out with very little confidence but we help them through by sprinkling a little of our magic and the proof is in the pudding in terms of the huge, fast transformations & incredible results that come with it).

If you believe you can help people, then you believe in yourself & your product.

Remember - at the end of the day, people are paying you for a great result - and if you are able to help them get that result based on your experience, expertise, wisdom or passion - then people are going to be happy paying your prices to shortcut their success. And Yes. It really is as simple as that.

2) Change the way you think about pricing

Some people will pay $50 for a hotel room, some will pay $10,000.

The point being, that different people will pay different prices for what is effectively solving the same problem. 

In the instance of your coaching; people are not paying for your offer. They are paying for the results that you are going to get for them.  So the focus should be on the result, and the way in which the result will enhance their life / business.  Whether it be that they lose weight and feel healthier, that they learn how to profitably invest in real estate, that they increase their income themselves, it's about understanding that you are offering a transformation.

You need to disconnect yourself from the price.

It's about building people's confidence that you are good at what you do, and that you can give them the results they want. If they are confident you will deliver your promise then they will pay your price.  It really is as simple as that.

By the time you discuss the price, if you've done everything right - they are already sold.  They want your help, they want what you offer because they know they need it and they are brought into the promise and value that you bring in order to help them get the desired result that they desperately need and want.

3) Believe you are worth the price

The only way for your clients to believe in your pricing is if you do.

Charging high ticket for your services means that you are great at what you do.

Most people don't realise how valuable everything is that they have inside of them. All those years of life experience are incredibly valuable to others who don't know as much as we do. The problem is - unless you do something about it - you just remain your best kept secret, struggling to achieve your own goals instead of getting out there and changing lives for the better (starting with yours!). 

And you are 100% worth it - you achieve the desired result for your clients - that is exactly what they are paying you for. Just free yourself from the limitations that are holding you back.

Consider the price of your program as the incentive that your client has to achieve the result for themselves.  When people obtain free advice they are not invested in it so will likely not complete it and achieve the desired result that they want.  Charging more you are saying to your clients "we believe in this service and we will achieve the results together" And with a high ticket price, people are much more invested into themselves, they show up more, they are better clients, they will work harder and are therefore far more likely to achieve the results they want.


#1 Know-how & Expertise

FACT. Even the person with the lowest IQ can teach everyone in the room something of value. The reason for this, is that we all have something valuable inside of us that can teach & help others. The reality is that most Coaches are great at what they do – but they’re not experts in Marketing, Sales or Business Growth. 

Unfortunately – the truth is that it’s these key elements that you crucially need in order for you to grow your business successfully. Of course, you could spend years trying to figure it all out for yourself – but in our experience, for most people - they’ve already wasted enough of their time trying to do that already and they know that it doesn’t work or get them the results that they want.

#2 Being Held Back By: Limiting Beliefs, Confidence, Fears & Mindset

Make no mistake! There are certain events that happen in all of our lives that impact the way that we react and behave today. They evolve into stories that we tell ourselves. Things that we’ve seen, heard or consumed from other people around us or even the media. These experiences (good or bad) shape our world & how we perceive it. Because of this, there are probably thoughts that are taking place right now (either consciously or sub-consciously) that are impacting your actions (or lack thereof). They could appear in the form of:

  • Who am I to be a Coach?
  • What If I can’t help others?
  • Who’s going to pay me for my Coaching?
  • I don’t feel worthy to teach
  • I’m not confident enough to put myself out there.

A really great Coach can not only help you move past these limiting beliefs easily but also everything else that’s blocking you right now, getting in your way & stopping you from being where you want to be.

A great Coach can also help you build your confidence in a really authentic way that allows you to feel really happy about the way that you’re growing your business. This is nothing new to us. We’ve helped so many clients overcome these barriers and they’re in such a different place now – we’re privileged to have played such a key role in these incredible transformations. 

#3 Ego / Getting Out Of Our Own Way / Not Knowing What We Don’t Know / Not Being Coachable

Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way. We need to look at the bigger picture. We need to have the common sense to understand that we don’t know it all! When others are willing to guide, teach & support us – it’s time to suck it all in & learn as much as we can so that we can implement it to great success in the fastest & most efficient way that allows us to achieve our goals!

We need to have clear tangible goals and understand that if we want to reach (and exceed) those goals in the fastest time & in the easiest way possible – we can’t do it alone. Because we don’t know – what we don’t know. And for many, that can actually be the biggest barrier to succeeding. And also thinking that they already know everything. Big mistake. In the same way that others need to invest in themselves to learn from you, it makes sense to practise what you preach (especially if it’s going to grow your income ,wealth, impact, meaning & freedom). 

Be the client you want to attract.

#4 Extracting Your Genius: Your Signature Solution

You need one. Simple as that. Chances are that you already have a huge wealth of knowledge & experience inside your head. But that’s not going to help anyone! What you need is a clear way of extracting your genius & turning that into something amazing that will enable your clients to get the result that they want from you, in the fastest possible timeframe. Without it, you may as well forget it (unless of course, you’re not that serious about creating a highly profitable Coaching business that’s designed on your terms - in which case you should probably just leave now and not bother to carry on reading the remaining tips to help you). 

Work Less. Make More. Give More.

#5 Not Knowing How To Find (& WIN) Your Ideal Clients

Knowing that you have gifts that can really help others in a big way, but just not being able to utilise them (because you just don’t know how to find those ideal clients) is not only a disservice to all of those people who you could get paid for helping, but also to yourself. 

The reason why our clients get such amazing results is because we tell it how it is. Because we believe that’s what serves you best. And if you truly, really want to be successful, you need to put yourself in a winning position. Make your life as easy as possible so that not only can you help others, but you also get everything that you want in your life sooner rather than later. In our experience, the winners are those people who can be humble, hold their hands up & admit that they don’t currently have all the right skills, knowledge & strategies that they need to get them to where they want to be. 

And then of course, the second part to that is being able to be responsive and get that help from someone who has already achieved what you would like to achieve, someone who does have the roadmap, plus all of the experience & can teach you in a fast, easy & effective manner to not only enhance your skillset, but of course to grow your Coaching business successfully too. With the right help you can achieve life changing results in months, sometimes weeks vs years on your own.

#6 Undercharging For Your Services

So many Coaches are not being paid what they’re really worth right now. And then they’re then stuck wondering why they aren’t able to generate as much monthly income as they’d like. Charging hourly rates is not the way to go here. Most people want to reach the 10k per month mark initially. That (usually) allows them to be in a really secure and comfortable place in their lives financially.

However, for those who are more ambitious, of course the sky really is the limit, depending on how big your aspirations & ambitions are – and of course, how much impact you really do want to make in the world?

But please understand this, there is a simple & highly effective process when it comes to successfully growing your Coaching business, but like most things – it has to start with you taking the right action to move yourself forward. No one can do that bit for you. That's on you - to use your initiative to take the first step.

And once you’ve done that, you’ll surprise yourself as to how quickly things start moving forward for you. And the only question you’ll be asking yourself is “Why didn’t I do this sooner!”. 

#7 Lack of Focus. (on the right things that will actually move your business forward).

Lack of Clarity. Lack of Strategy. Complete Overwhelm.

We get it. It can feel overwhelming. Even frustrating. Far too many Coaches are scrambling around, trying to be on multiple platforms, wearing a dozen hats in their business & ironically – not actually spending their time doing what they love & they’re great at – in other words Coaching! Arghhh!!!

STOP working so hard in your business & just start working SMARTER! 

On one hand, we live in amazing times right now. Information is more accessible than ever. The downside is that there’s just way too much of it! Not only that, but it contradicts itself & there are people out there who quite frankly don’t have the right knowledge, expertise & experience to help you.

It can be scary, because some people (sadly) just don’t have morals. They aren’t genuine. They’ll promise you the world just to get your money because they’re more interested in growing their own business than helping you. In our book, that’s not cool. Nor fair. And lots of people are getting ‘stung’ because of it. We know because we’ve been there too. Not only that, but most of our clients have been involved with other courses, Coaches or programs & you should hear some of the stories that they tell us! 

Luckily, they also know who the good guys are. Authenticity and integrity go a long way and many tell us that working with us has actually been the catalyst that has got them results! Our clients also tell us that our methods of teaching are the most organized & effective out of everything they’ve ever tried (which makes us smile). 

And then we also hear time & time again from our clients how blown away they are by how we go above & beyond to support them & over deliver for them. Most of them have never worked with anyone who genuinely cares as much about them & their success as we do – which means we’re doing something right – because that’s exactly why we created everything we do, in a very specific way that really does get results (but is also a lot of fun along the way!). 

#8 Just Don’t Know…

Where or How to Start / Grow / What To Teach / How To Package It Up / Who To Teach / How To Niche / What To Charge / Do I Create A Course / Do 1:1 / Start Group / SEO / Do I Need Paid Ads / Shall I Setup A Funnel / What About An Email List?…

So many questions. We get it. And all very valid ones too by the way. The whole thing just feels like a massive mountain to climb. But we’ll let you into a secret. It doesn’t have to be like this. 

We prefer to keep things simple.

It’s a bit like trying anything new for the first time. It can feel a bit daunting. But with the right expert help – that huge raincloud can be shifted instantly and replaced with sunshine. It’s a bit like learning to drive a car for the first time. It’s all a bit new, scary, overwhelming. 

But with the right instruction to support us, guide & teach us the right way (& the right order) to do things, it all becomes much easier. Much clearer. More manageable. And very quickly all of that stress & overwhelm turns into a really enjoyable, profitable Coaching business that you love (because it’s built on your terms & in the right way). Makes sense – right?

#9 Unable To Take Ideal Clients Who Are Interested In Buying From You & Turn Them Into Winning Clients (In An Ethical Non Salesy or Sleazy Way). 

Forget sales techniques. You don’t need them, nor do you need to have any sales experience at all. So many Coaches are leaving so much money on the table, just because they end up having conversations that end up going off on a tangent & end with the potential client saying “I’ll think about it” or “Could you send me some more information”.

What that means, is that you weren’t clear enough in explaining how you can really help your clients. That’s OK. Kind of. Because it’s not your fault if you’ve never been shown or you don’t have experience with this. However, now that you're aware - if you don't learn how to master this skillset - and you choose to continue to leave money on the table here – then it is your fault and honestly, you have no one else to blame if you don’t fix it – because help is available for you right now. 

And that potential client who was ready & willing to pay you for your help, will now end up going to someone else who do does have those skills. And the longer that it takes you to fix this – the more time you’re going to waste & the more money you’re going to lose over and over again.

#10 Lack of Action!

Probably the biggest barrier that prevents Coaches from being successful.

Everyone has ideas. Being able to implement & execute the right ones is what counts!

It truly can be the difference between you making it (or not!). No one’s perfect. The biggest mistake that we ever made was trying to figure everything out for ourselves for 7 years. Then the penny dropped. We needed outside help from experts.

We couldn’t carry on doing what we knew already wasn’t working, expecting a different result. Einstein defined that as madness. Looking back it was. It cost us more money (& time) in not moving our business forward in the way that we wanted to, namely because of many of the things listed here.

When we first invested in ourselves, it was scary. We couldn’t necessarily afford to do it. But we then realized, there were things in our lives that we were spending money on that weren’t really serving us. So we re-framed it. And realized actually; we couldn’t afford NOT to do it. It was a pivotal point in our lives & our business.

Everything changed from that one decision & we haven’t looked back since. We continue to constantly invest in ourselves more than ever because not only does it allow us to be at the top of our game & be world class in everything we do, but it also means that all of our clients benefit massively too. Hindsight is a great thing! Our biggest regret was not investing in ourselves & getting that help 7 years earlier! But you live and learn don’t you?!

Fortunately, we’re now in an incredible position where we don’t need to work. We do it because we are passionate about helping others to win. We’ve learnt so much over the last 24 years & we’re now able to pass on all of the wisdom, knowledge & expertise to all of those who are ready to take the action that they need to - right now, so that we can help them truly expedite their success in a big way.

So if we can sum it up in a few words. INVEST IN YOURSELF & TAKE ACTION!

Clients who have taken our advice & worked with us to implement have seen phenomenal success. 

That’s where you want to be.

You want YOUR client results to speak for you…

So really the only question right now that you have to ask yourself is;

Will you continue to remain stuck, putting things off & risk never achieving your goals...


Are you ready to take that action?

And if YES YOU ARE READY -> would you like some help starting / growing & scaling your profitable Coaching business?


If you’re interested in growing your own successful Coaching or Consulting business (in the right way) that feels non 'salesly' and authentic for both you and your clients– then book a quick (friendly) FREE 15 minute call with us here so that we can find out more about you, your business & your goals.

If we can help you, get ready to change your life & business. If we can’t, we’ll just let you know honestly & try to point you in the right direction.

We get a ton of applications but unfortunately we can’t help everyone.

Please DO NOT apply if: 

  • You are not Coachable (in other words if you think you know everything already & you’re not willing or prepared to learn & implement the things that you need to in order to reach your goals). 
  • You are not ready to invest in yourself & your business (if this is the case, you’ll probably have a hard time getting clients & growing your Coaching business successfully in the fastest & easiest way possible). 
  • You’re not polite, humble, or respectful of people trying to help you (If you’re under pressure, we appreciate that, we know it can feel tough for you right now. But try not to take it out on others, it won’t serve you well).  
  • You’re someone who struggles with commitment or is unreliable (For example you’re someone who makes an appointment like this & then doesn’t show - we value our time greatly as we do yours. How you show up in life says a lot about how you show up in your business & is usually reflected in your success). 


Speak to you soon!