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do you want your inbox packed full of high quality leads coming to you?

Who wouldn't right?  

This is now YOUR CHANCE to:

Have all the leads & clients that you can handle...

+ YOU get to be in the driving seat & choose who you want to work with & how

(This is all about building everything in the right way - on your terms)

all Whilst spending less than 30 minutes / day 

>>> using easy, simple &  HIGHLY Effective Proven marketing that really Does work... 

(after 24 years, managing millions in marketing & helping thousands of people like you - we should know...)


Look, there are just three things that you need to understand right now. 

1. YES it’s 100% true.

2. YES it's totally possible for you (as it has been for countless others like you).

3. Read on and TAKE ACTION - because it could change your life starting TODAY! (Seriously). 

The days of you wasting your time on social media platforms, trying to figure it all out for yourself, worrying where and how you're going to get your next client (and the one after that, and so on)...can FINALLY be well and truly over FOR GOOD! 

Sounds great - but HOW?

Good question. It's actually really easy...

Because you'll have a PROVEN framework that helps you attract a ton of your IDEAL clients straight to you. It's a bit like turning on a tap (except this one's full of leads).

Because after 20+ years of helping business owners grow their businesses successfully in OVER 40 countries, working with FTSE100 CEO's,  PLUS years of being a Chief Marketing Officer (responsible for millions in marketing budgets) and then in contrast successfully helping startups & scale-ups grow with a MUCH smaller marketing budgets & then individuals who didn't have ANY marketing budget! YES ZERO - through all this experience...

We were FINALLY able to crack the code for getting leads and clients WITHOUT having to spend any money on paid advertising at all!

So in other words organically...

YES! So whilst your competitors are paying tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands in trying to get noticed, and trying to build their businesses in the wrong way - you can do it the SMART way and get your leads & clients for FREE!! 

(when we've shown you exactly how).

So, we're going to reveal to you EXACTLY where your ideal clients are 'hiding' AND how you can easily attract them to you (instead of wasting your time trying to find and convince them to work with you). But more importantly, how you can turn that into a profitable, enjoyable relationship that also puts money into your bank over and over again!

That's what's so wonderful about this whole thing - once you know the proven strategies for getting free leads & clients too, you just repeat it - to win clients over and over again!

It really is that easy.

Hey, it’s Darren & Hollie Sassienie.

And just like you, we were once confused, frustrated and left wondering what to do to reach our goals successfully and fast!

We were even £100k in debt! 

Why are we sharing this with you?

To prove to you what's really possible.

Because just like you, we knew were talented.

We knew we were put on this earth with a gift to help others (that's why we start a business in the first place) we have something that can help others overcome a specific challenge or help get them an amazing result.

This is true of ALL businesses.

But there was a big problem...

We needed clients to do this - and we needed them NOW!!

We tried figuring things out for ourselves, we tried a lot of things that didn't work.

We made a ton of mistakes.

We even spoke to 'so called experts' who had about as much experience as our little finger!

You see that's the problem these days, there's far too much B.S out there.

People read one thing, or take a quick course and think they're an expert! - (Seriously!) 

We're not silly. Everyone can see straight through it and it's blatantly obvious who the real experts are because they've practised and honed their craft over many years, all the while - helping others get great results consistently.

The truth is that most of these so called 'experts' haven't even run a business before, let alone tested and proven it successfully with hundreds of clients. We feel sorry for people who are lured into that, because they're going to be really disappointed when they realise that they can't learn from 'fake experts' so PLEASE don't let that be you.  

That's just not how we roll.

And we've helped so many people like you who had only one regret.

That they wished they'd found us sooner. 

We hear it time and time again. 

So don't let that be you. 

Don't put off today what could dramatically change your life for the better in the future. 

And not only your life, but do it for your family too.

Wouldn't it feel great for you to be able to not only have everything you want in life, but also to be in a position where you can give your family everything that they want and need too?

Look, we're well respected in the business growth industry (that's why we've been featured extensively in the Media, on TV (to audiences of millions) and Radio + we've also judged the UK's greatest startups alongside 19 CBE's, OBE's & MBE's).

We have been using LinkedIn effectively to bring in hundreds of thousands in revenue and profits and forge incredible partnerships and really help business owners grow their businesses successfully using LinkedIn for over 10 years!

Our reputation and testimonials speak for themselves now.

But If you’re feeling anything like we were:

❌ You are SICK & TIRED of working all hours, but STILL NOT seeing the rewards that you desire and deserve in your life. Grrrr!

❌ You are FED UP of scrambling around on social media day in, day out - trying desperately to get new clients to be in interested in working with you. It's frustrating (and the reality is that nothing is going to change for you here... until you have the right marketing strategies) and we all know it's a complete waste of your time & efforts right now - so we need a better solution for you.

❌ You’ve felt DEFLATED (and it's knocking your confidence & self belief in your ability) after getting off of calls with people you were initially excited about speaking with, only to find that they "can't afford you" or "want to think about" but NEVER return OR they just go quiet on you when you try to follow up. And all this precious time that you're investing in doing the wrong things (could be far better spent actually growing your business). It's just getting you no where fast, because after all - why should you have to 'prove' to them that you're 'worthy' of their business! It's just not fun for you! We 100% get it. But let's be honest - it's really not good for you to carry on like this. 

 ❌ You are RUNNING OUT OF OPTIONS because you know that everything you've tried in the past hasn't really worked and if you continue on the same path - nothing's going to change for you and it's stressing you out which isn't good for your health OR your bank balance! 

We know that you’re here because you are serious about turning things around ASAP so that FINALLY, once and for all - you can escape this situation that you're in right now and you can START LOVING YOUR LIFE & BUSINESS ONCE AGAIN.

Why should others be winning right now and not you?

You deserve better and you know it too.

We've been exactly where you are right now (not too long ago) and YOU KNOW deep down inside that this is just what you need to get you on the right track (for good). 

Darren & Hollie Sassienie

Darren & Hollie Sassienie

We were once where you are too, 

so we totally understand how hard it is for you right now...

We've all tried to figure it all out for ourselves. 

But the truth is it doesn't work unless we know where and why we're going wrong.

We've tried working all hours, being on all platforms and it's exhausting. 

We'll give you a hint...

The answer ISN'T working harder, It's working SMARTER. 

That's what we teach.

How you can build & grow a profitable business that makes you feel amazing because you love it so 

much. One key thing that we've learnt is that your happiness comes from helping others and everything 

falls into place from there and when you are able to start picking up clients one after another, you're

worth goes up and everything just feels incredible, like you're on cloud 9 - like it should be. 

But meanwhile, most people are going wrong because they're following BAD ADVICE right now

...(that just doesn't work either!)

❌ Connect with as many people as you can on LinkedIn & send a 'salesly' message about what you do (Erguh!)

❌ Join loads of Facebook groups and spam them all with your 'stuff!' (Quickest way to FB jail!)

❌ Find 'rich' friends, borrow their house, take sexy pics, touch them up - become an Influencer! (Seriously WTF?!)

❌ Spend your time building your own LinkedIn group (Please don't!) 

❌ Make some Tik Tok videos, you'll definitely get clients that way (You won't!)

❌ Create a 'lead magnet' PDF to show everyone you're an expert (Like that's going to win you clients alone!)

❌ Spend 10 hours each day posting on social media non-stop! (Who comes up with this nonsense?!)  

❌ Setup some automated 'bots' and let them loose on Linkedin (We really wouldn't recommend this!) 

❌ Join LinkedIn 'Pods' to boost your engagement (No, No, No!) 

❌ Build overly complicated funnels (and pay over 3,500 every year just for the hosting and privilege!) 

❌ Try and figure out Facebook Ads (and waste a ton of money in the process)

The big problem is that this is taking up all of your time and it's 'old info' which is why it's not working for you.

It's like telling you to grow your business by 'FAXING' other business owners...and if that does not work, you could always try carrier pigeon!!

Look, here's the truth - yes it may have worked once, but it 100% doesn't now! 

Here's why...

Your most important commodity right now is your time & spending it on what does work

The above 'tricks' can come across as spammy, they waste a ton of your precious time, you damage your reputation in the process, you have lower self esteem because you're not making progress, you repel your leads and clients and to top it all off - it all just makes you feel terrible about yourself because you think you're doing the right things - but sadly you've taken the wrong advice from the wrong people who really aren't qualified to help you.

But despite this, every single day you continue to show up, hoping that today will be different. 

But it won't

...not unless you change something and start taking the right action).

Yet you continue to carry on doing what you know inside - just isn't working (because you think it's better than you just doing nothing!)


Einstein himself defined this as the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result).

It just doesn't happen like that.

But all the while, this has already and will continue to take it's toll on you (unless you change something quickly).

And by quickly, we mean starting NOW. 

It's making you feel stressed, overwhelmed, disappointed and just fed up with the whole thing! 

But worse still...

You even start to doubt yourself.

You tell yourself "Maybe it's me! What if I'm just not good enough?!"

"Who am I to be helping other people?!"

"Maybe this whole thing just isn't for me?!"

We've all been there.

We doubted ourselves and our ability for a long time (it's not a good place to be). 

In fact it's terrible.

Soul destroying.

We know what it's like to be worrying about money (with bills to pay).

And all we really want is to be successful and give our families a better life now.

Is that really too much to ask?

We know what it's like to have dreams of having all the things in our lives that we want, to have more meaning and more freedom in our lives; so that we never have to worry about money ever again, so that we can help more people and can do whatever we want in our lives, whenever we want.

Ultimately...we want the same for you.
Let's put all of those negative thoughts and feelings behind us shall we?

Look, it's no coincidence that you're here, right now is it?

This is your opportunity to turn things around for yourself.

And you know it.

So, let's agree to begin a new chapter in YOUR LIFE starting TODAY!

A new chapter that is filled with positivity, fun, wealth and lots of good times...

Highly successful motivational speaker, Jim Rhon (who was Tony Robbins' mentor) said that: we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with.

That means that if you really want to improve things in your life, you need to be around successful people so that you can start learning from them - TODAY.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to not just get access to Darren & Hollie and their extensive network of equally successful people, but to also be surrounded by an entire like-minded community of equally amazing people like you, who are also on this incredible journey and are going to pull you up with them and also support you every step of the way.


Quite simply...


Because this new, exciting and bold chapter of yours is filled with your progression, you moving forwards and all your wins and successes. 

But most importantly of all, let's just start right now by opening up more doors and opportun, getting you some more leads and more money for you, does that sound good?

Your amazing journey begins right now, with you joining the LINKEDIN BOOSTER PROGRAMMETODAY.

And of course, you can feel 100% assured, knowing that we've helped thousands of people like you over the last 20+ years and if top CEO's of the UK's most successful FTSE100 companies, MP's and Celebrities can trust us to help them get great result, continue to work with and recommend us - then logically - we must be pretty good at what we do. 

Not only that, but hundreds have already joined our LINKEDIN BOOSTER PROGRAMME™ and the reviews and results (we think you'll agree) have been pretty awesome!

And the reasons for that are:

Our strategies are PROVEN to get great results, ARE highly effective, SIMPLE to understand and EASY for you to implement into your business right away. 

A WORD OF WARNING: Nothing in this world comes without any effort, it's an obvious point to most but worth mentioning, so don't be mistaken into thinking that results will just happen overnight - if you're not willing to put in any effort. 

We can show you EXACTLY what you need to do to win.

We can guide you and support you to ensure it happens.

But we can't do it for you.

That's down to you to take the right ACTION and it starts right here, right now.

And hopefully, the reason that you are here right now, is because you really want this and you are prepared to do what it takes for YOU to achieve your goals. 

And so, if you follow our proven step-by-step process and just simply do the things that you need to do, you should start to see great results happen quite quickly for you. 

We believe that life is for enjoying (it's most definitely not to be working 24/7) and it should be filled with all the great things that make you our LinkedIn strategy within the LINKEDIN BOOSTER PROGRAMME™ has been specifically designed to be EASY to implement and with MINIMAL TIME required in order for you to get you maximum results. 
Having held the title of 'Chief Marketing Officer' and having been in digital online and offline marketing for over 20 years...

Our LinkedIn processes are based on OVER A DECADE of experience using the platform effectively to successfully help businesses like yours acquire new clients / customers for FREE so that you can continuously grow profitably and consistently. 

It sounds really easy because it really is - when you know how. 

The LINKEDIN BOOSTER PROGRAMME™ teaches you the EXACT LinkedIn process that we and all of our V.I.P CLUB™ members use and so much more. We teach you easy and fast ways to communicate effectively with people, how to position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche, how you build your authority, how you stand out - rise above the noise (and beat your competitors) and how to make compelling and irresistible offers that just convert and help you win clients who will pay you what you really want to earn - over and over again.

Our methods have been tried and tested extensively with hundreds of other coaches, consultants and business owners just like you, who have achieved amazing results too!


Please Note: 



✅ You want your time to be used effectively and your marketing to be efficient, easy and almost effortless! (We will show you how you can market your business in less than 30 minutes per day).

✅ You want your dream clients, that you actually love to work with - coming directly to you. (No more 'hunting', negotiating and then trying to convince them why they should pay you!) 

✅ You want a simple, REPEATABLE process that's easy to implement straight into your business that actually works! (And will allow you to learn once and then simply grow your business PROFITABLY once you know how). 

✅ You want to actually spend your time helping your clients get GREAT RESULTS! (And the rest of your newly found FREE time can be used to do MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE!).

✅ You want to make yourself (and others) proud of you and all of your achievements. 

✅ You'd like your business and life to be full of fun, wealth and freedom.

✅ You want to be STRESS FREE and living and loving life to the fullest on a daily basis.

✅ You want to be more confident and show the world what you can really do!

✅ You want to finally be in a position where you don't have to worry about money again and you can START BUILDING YOUR EMPIRE.

✅ You want to finally START living life ON YOUR TERMS.

✅ And...You want to increase your monthly revenue not just because you deserve it - but also to prove wrong every single person that ever doubted you! 

Are you ready for this?

YES! Of course you are! You're about to finally experience what it feels like to have your perfect, high-end dream clients dropping into your messages frequently asking you for your services...

...and the best thing about all of this? 

Just 20-30 minutes a day of your time.

Yep. You read that correctly! 

We know right! 

No empty promises. 

Just an easy, highly effective, straight forward & proven process that works for any business…

YES! You heard us correctly;

Your IDEAL CLIENTS are waiting for you on LinkedIn RIGHT NOW.

It's the world's largest professional network for a reason.

IMPORTANT: The truth is, that if you're charging correctly, most people only need a handful of clients each month to hit & exceed their desired revenue monthly targets.

And with over 700+ Million professionals who are ready, willing & able to buy from you..

Do you think (once we've shown you EXACTLY how) that you can find just a few people out of over 700,000,000 to buy from you?

Of course - the answer is YES!

That's why we're EXTREMELY CONFIDENT that you're going to see an incredible ROI with this.


Not only that!

But we're here to tell you that your business can (and actually SHOULD) be FUN, EASY & PROFITABLE when you have the right strategies, people around you and support that you need right now.

Here's How It Works

Here's Everything That You're Going To Get...

Our exclusive 12 week programme has been specifically designed to take you from wherever you are right now -> to where you really want to be. You’ll get FULL ACCESS to the LinkedIn Booster Programme™ (which is also updated regularly so that you can be sure that you're always on top of and up-to-date with the latest LinkedIn strategies)

PLUS to show our commitment to helping you win - we'll also give you Full 12 Months Support (worth £1,164) for FREE

We get great results for our members using our simple, but highly effective 3 core pillar AECOD Framework™ that will help you Attract, Engage, Convert & Over Deliver to grow your business successfully. 

No one in the world teaches linkedIn Like Us

Over the next 12 weeks, here's what we're going to do for you:  

✔️ We'll start with exploring & clarifying EXACTLY who your perfect dream clients are. Once you have 100% clarity on this (Your ICP) everything will instantly become much easier for you. It's an incredibly crucial exercise for success and one that most people will NEVER actually figure out on their own! This is a ton of fun AND you'll be quite amazed at just how powerful this discovery really is for you, once you've nailed it. No more crap shoots, or terrible prospects..This is the first step in attracting amazing clients to you, who REALLY love what you do, are great to work with are happy to pay you what you're really worth.

✔️ Next we'll review and help you refine your offering / service and pricing. This is crucial to your success and it's imperative that together, we structure this is such a way that not only does it make total sense for you, but that you can also communicate this effectively to your dream clients through the art of pinpoint messaging. Without getting this 100% right, you're like a lost bear in the woods. You really need this in order to stand out and move your potential prospects from ignoring you (which is probably what's happening now) to becoming curious, paying attention to you and then becoming a real client of yours. 

✔️ You'll learn THE RIGHT WAY; how to FIND, ENGAGE with and CONVERT those perfect dream clients almost effortlessly. This is a real wake up call because MOST people are using LinkedIn incorrectly and inefficiently, spamming everyone and 'turning them off' instead of attracting them to becoming your client. You'll be amazed at how quick and easy this really is when it's done properly, but best of all - is how incredible you'll feel as it all starts to come together for you. 

✔️ We'll create YOUR WINNING PLAN using our unique tool called 'Your 5 Futures'. We'll quickly establish what you want, why you want it, and then we'll work together to ensure that you make it happen.

✔️ We're  going to transform your LinkedIn profile and account into a fully optimised  power house marketing machine that does ALL of the heavy lifting for you so that don’t have to get involved with hiring web developers and making complicated websites or funnels, posting in tons of different Facebook groups, trying to come up with content every day to suit 5 different platforms or any of that time consuming 'busy work' that leaves you with little time for anything else. Instead, LinkedIn will be sending your ideal clients directly to you once we show you how. (We've even helped some members get to 6 figures without a website and nothing more than a LinkedIn account, their phone & our strategies - that's all you need).  

✔️ You're going to learn the 5 ways that you can create really compelling and engaging content that's going to have your  dream clients begging you for more. We'll show you exactly how to create the perfect post that instantly strikes an emotional connection whilst also raising your credibility and enhancing your authority. And best of all, we're going to reveal to you, exactly how you can keep these on point every time, so that they are directly related to your services. When done correctly, your content will resonate so well that your perfect dream clients will be instantly pulled towards you almost like magic.

✔️ Just like you would in real life, it's imperative that you understand how to build real, meaningful, mutually beneficial online relationships that make commercial sense. If you get this wrong - it's going to make you look spammy (you may have seen this first hand), turn your prospective clients off of you and enable you to lose all respect and future sales with your audience.

✔️ Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be for you to be able to get those ULTIMATE clients into your world, you know the ones where winning them could literally change your business overnight (maybe it's a celebrity or a big brand). They can do wonders for your reputation and open up a whole new level of referred super high end clients for you. We're going to show you exactly how you can reach these very people who could literally change your life for the better  with all of the opportunities that this brings you. 

✔️ Your business should be 3 things: FUN, EASY & PROFITABLE. We'll show you how you can set yourself up for success, whilst helping others and ensuring that it's also really enjoyable and stress-free for you, so that you can get everything in life that you've ever wanted. Really.

✔️ Grow your network by up to 1,350 new perfect dream clients by the end of the LinkedIn Booster Programme™. But quality over quantity. We know people on LinkedIn with tens of thousands of connections, but they can't get a client if they tried! We've also helped total newbies win clients within 4 weeks! Focus your attention on what really matters when it comes to getting you great results and your business could really scale nicely with these alone.

✔️ Our work on your LinkedIn profile will be so good that when we're done, you'll have hundreds, possibly thousands checking you out every week, meaning that you get to choose who YOU want to work with (no more being so desperate that you have to take on anyone who shows a bit of interest even though they're completely wrong for you!).

You'll get access to live training to help you in real time, our concierge team will also answer any questions that you have and to ensure that you're constantly moving forward, winning and getting great results. You'll also have access to additional special materials (from The V.I.P Club) to help you grow even faster and all new training.

✔️ Full access to the LinkedIn Booster Programme™ + all future updates (worth £6,000).

✔️ 12 months FREE support  + an amazing community where you’ll be able to make new friends, form partnerships (maybe even pickup some new clients) and get feedback, support and advice whenever you need it. Including regular live coaching calls in our private community group, where you can ask Darren & Hollie questions, learn from and be motivated by the successes of the other LinkedIn Booster Programme™ members (worth £1,164/year).

✔️ Accountability and Momentum! Sometimes we just need people to tell us the things that we need to hear in order to keep us on track to achieve our goals. Forget shiny object syndrome. In the LinkedIn Booster Programme™  we all do the work and we get the results. Simple as that. 

Join RIGHT NOW And Save £4503!!

+ Get These 6 Bonuses For FREE!!!

Quick Question before we do - Why do you provide such a huge discount & such great value?

Simple. We're at a stage in our life where like many other successful people, we want to give back to help others win in life too (we're therefore covering the cost of £4503 for you). And we also know that once you've seen the results, it's very likely that you'll want to apply to join our invite only V.I.P Club (our monthly coaching programme) to continue to really scale your business further to 7 or 8 figures (no obligation, this is 100% optional if you're invited). We invest our time, energy, network and expertise to help people win. And we really care about your results.

That's it.  

Bonus #1: Your Very own 12 month success plan (worth £750)

We often get told that we ask the questions that our client's should have asked themselves years ago. We've been doing this for a long time. We know EXACTLY what it takes to get results and more importantly we know HOW YOU CAN DO IT. That comes with experience, clarity, the right strategies and importantly - you taking action.

Look, what you need to understand is that we are investing in YOU. Our time, our countless years & years of expertise, our resources and lots more. We do this for one reason...

We want YOU to win. It's really as simple as that. 

So we're going to GIVE YOU EVERYTHING (that we already know works) and is exactly what you need to be able to do that.

Many have invested in what appears to be similar programmes before. However, after diving deeper - what we discovered was that the problem was that unfortunately these other people actually weren't qualified to help them & quite frankly they didn't care about their results (which is why they didn't get any!). That's what makes us so different. We're the ones who actually end up turning things around for them once and for all. That's how we know our stuff REALLY works. We've actually lost track of how many have said they just wished they had found us sooner. Lucky for you, you're here right now.

Bonus #2: Group Coaching Calls (worth £1,500)

You'll always have quick answers to what you need to know and the opportunity to get specific help & feedback because we know how important it is for you to get unstuck and to rid you of overwhelm & stress forever. Everyone is super friendly here, we have a lot of fun, but more importantly - it's all about YOU getting the results you want.

Bonus #3: Stay-on-track 1:1 Coaching Calls (worth £2,500)

If you haven't noticed by now, your results are everything to us. This is why we pull out all the stops in order to give you the right strategies that you need, clarity, we help you stay focused, we hold you accountable, we support you by giving you the right feedback and answers to all your questions and we keep you motivated and moving forwards. Unlike many companies - you're NOT just a number to us. We think you'll be absolutely blown away by your experience with us and we're so excited for you to get going on this amazing journey together. 

Bonus #4: Higher Levels of Success Full Online Additional Revenue Streams Online Course (Worth £5,000)
The secret to real wealth and success is having multiple, automated streams of revenue coming in for you. We can't believe that we're actually GIVING THIS AWAY TO YOU FOR FREE! But that's how invested WE ARE in YOU. This extensive online training will show you EXACTLY step-by-step how to create your very own online course that will allow you to rapidly increase your revenue FAST. There are over 90 training videos, downloads and step-by-step extensive guides that are 100% guaranteed to help you win.

You can use this training in three ways: 1. As a low priced course that you sell high volume using everything you have learnt in the to bring people into your world so that they can get to know you and will then be willing to pay you a higher price for your services. 2. You can use it as an average priced course (circa £1k) or 3. Use it as a high ticket course (£3-10k) so that you can free yourself up whilst still bringing in the big bucks. Either way this will help you grow your business and help you bring in an additional consistent revenue stream.

Please note that there are advanced techniques and strategies outlined in this 60 days training programme. It's important that we keep you 100% focused on the LinkedIn Booster Programme™ and avoid overwhelm so as soon as you are winning on LinkedIn, if you are invited and choose to Come join the V.I.P Club™, we'll give you full access, not for the full price that this programme sells at of £5,000, but for FREE! (just don't tell anyone else).

Bonus #5: Partnership (Worth up to £15,000)
We love creating win win partnerships. We've spent a long time building our reputation and our extensive network. We've formed some incredible partnerships that have spanned over 20 years and been worth millions! Partnerships where we've referred others to people like you to get them more clients. Once you're in our inner circle, your whole world just opens up to new opportunities. Here's the first one. Once you're in the LinkedIn Booster Programme™ and you're starting to get great results for yourself, we're going to give you an exclusive unique link that you can use to invite your friends / colleagues / network in and they'll get the special pricing too, plus all of the bonuses that you're getting. Not only that, but for everyone that joins using your exclusive link - we're going to give you £150. That means that if 7 people join using your link, you're already in profit before the challenge has even finished, let alone everything that you're going to learn and all the bonuses you're going to receive to really drive your business forward. 20 people is an extra £3,000 for you, 50 is an extra £7,500 and we cap it at 100 which is an extra £15,000 for you! How could you use an extra £15k right now?

Bonus #6: Exclusive congratulations dinner with Darren & Hollie (Priceless)
As soon as you've made your first £100,000 using what you've learnt from us, we'll invite you to a very special in-person or virtual congratulations dinner (depending on your location) where we'll brainstorm with you and we'll get a new advanced success plan together for you, outlining the exact strategies that we're going to use to get you to your next milestone of £250k, then £500k and then £1,000,000+ using our 20+ years of expertise.


  • Lifetime access to the LinkedIn Booster Programme™ £6000 
  • x12 Months FREE ACCESS to our private community: (Worth £1164 / year)
  • Bonus #1: Your Very Own 12 Month Success Plan (Worth £750)
  • Bonus #2: Group Coaching Calls (worth £1,500)
  • Bonus #3: Stay-On-Track 1:1 Coaching Calls (Worth £2,500)
  • Bonus #4: Higher Levels of Success Full Online Additional Revenue Streams Online Course (Worth £5,000)
  • Bonus #5: Partnership (Worth up to £15,000)
  • Bonus #6: Exclusive congratulations dinner with Darren & Hollie (Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE = £31,914

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Wait! What!?

Yes, you did read that right.

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But here's the thing...

We only open this up 2 times per year in order to give you our full attention and the accountability that you need in order to succeed. 

We're currently over subscribed with people wanting to work with us to help them in the V.I.P CLUB™ to scale their business to 7 figures, so much so that we had to close the doors and there's now a long waiting list.

We just want to be upfront with you - along with our private clients too - and the huge demand for people wanting us to help them - we just simply don't know how much longer we'll have the bandwidth to be able to keep this offer and insane level of discount available for. 

Honestly, we're growing super quick and this may be actually the very last time that we're able to offer this with such a huge £4,503 discount (+ £31,904 worth of BONUSES) and so you may find that it disappears very quickly.

If it does, you'll only be able to access it inside the V.I.P CLUB™ (which is £24k per year). 

So here we are...

This is your (possibly last) chance to join The LinkedIn Booster Programme™ (and to really change your life right now) whilst you still can and so we're going to give you an irresistible offer that you just can't say no to - to ensure that you don't miss out! 

We aren't going to let you pay us £31,904 (which is what everything is worth INCLUDING all of your 6 BONUSES).

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We're literally pulled out all the stops for you here and you have no excuse to take advantage of this right now.

This is exactly what you need. You know it and so do we. 

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"I highly recommend Darren as a brilliant, high growth business expert. He helped us acquire thousands of high quality customers to increase our revenue and even saved us a huge amount of money too! If you are serious about growing your business then you need a high-energy, high growth professional who can help you implement strategies work &

I highly recommend working with Darren Sassienie."

Charles J.

Business Owner & COO

Literally The Best Thing I've Ever Done...

 "I was totally stuck before I came across Hollie & Darren. They really know their stuff and are super helpful - the whole team have been amazing! I can't thank you all enough. This is literally the best thing I've ever done and totally worth it!"


Mum & Business Owner

We've done our best to give you everything we possibly can right here, right now. 

We're giving you an irresistible offer that it's impossible for you to say no to - if you really want to succeed.

We've literally been fortunate enough to change hundreds of people's lives for the better.

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What's it worth to you to be in a much stronger financial situation? Or even clear your debts like we did...

What's it worth to you to be able to help people on a daily basis. To be in a position where you can give whatever you want to charities that you support. To make your positive impact on the world, to make it a better place?

What's it worth to you to be able to take as many holidays as you would like. Or perhaps to travel the world. To really start living your life to the full (without being held back)?

What's it worth to you to be able to support your family and give them anything they want?

What's it worth to you to feel happy on a daily basis, with much less stress than you have now and to live your life without overwhelm and with much more time to do the things you really want to do, the things that you love in love, with who you want, whenever you want.

Please understand, that this isn't just about changing your business for the better - it's about changing your life for the better - just ask anyone who's been through the programme.

They'll tell you the same...

We believe that everything happens for a reason.

And there's a reason why you're here now, why you're reading this.

This is your time to shine.

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And you really only have two choices where you go from here...

1. You can forget about this and just carry on as you were - knowing that it hasn't worked (so realistically it's not going to all of a sudden start working is it?). You'll probably continue to struggle, waste your time trying to figure it all out, but still getting nowhere. That will continue to lead to frustration and maybe we'll cross paths again in a year or two where you'll be in exactly the same place (or worse) - but it will be too late!


2. You can jump right in TODAY & change your life forever. 

Jumping in feels really exciting - but a little bit scary when there's are unknowns. But there aren't any unknowns because you know exactly what you're going to get, you know how it works, you've got to know Darren & Hollie and you've seen all the successful testimonials from people just like you - so you know you're in really good hands.

We want to remind you also that you very likely learnt to walk before you felt ready, but you did it - didn't you? And just look at you now. It's easy. It's second nature to you. That's what running a profitable, successful business feels like.

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P.S Still not 100% sure?

Maybe you're at 90% or 95% there. 

We completely understand. 

If you still have a few questions or concerns, hopefully we can do a perfect job of answering them below for you so that you can still take advantage of this before it's too late.

QUESTION #1 - Your testimonials are great, you're clearly credible and VERY GOOD at what you do - but how do I know that it will also work for me and my business?

This is a really great question (and a common one). We understand your reason for wondering this, but the truth is - it's very likely that every other successful person that we've helped over the years has also had this thought too. And you should see how far they've come and where they are now. The bottom line is that we've helped people exactly like you in almost every niche / industry that you can think of. As long as you are prepared to trust us and you listen to our expertise, you implement our advice and you do the work - there's no reason why it shouldn't work for you. Please understand that as soon as you join, you've got us on your side and the reality is that we want you to win as much (possibly even more) than you do, so we will do everything that we possibly can to ensure that it happens for you.

QUESTION #2 - I've invested in 'other programmes' and 'courses' before and been let down, how do I know this will be different?

We get a lot of inquiries from people wanting our help. Because of this, we speak with a lot of people. This is exactly why we completely understand your challenges and more importantly how to fix them. But that aside, out of these conversations, we've discovered that this is a very real thing. This is why we warn against 'fake guru's' who aren't credible. We've shown you why we're different and backed that up. We were totally aghast that there are people out there just literally trying to make as much money as they can without delivering. It's not on. And it's exactly what makes us different. WE REALLY GENUINELY CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR RESULTS. It's the first thing John says in his testimonial. We have a highly skilled and highly trained concierge team that look after you every step of the way. Sadly, there's nothing we can to rectify the 'cowboys' and 'cowgirls' out there, but what we can tell you is that we've had a whole bunch of people who have made poor investment choices in the past yet we're actually the ones who do what we promise and help them turn things around. How? Firstly it starts with us really caring about you and your results and secondly everything we give you inside the programme is about making your life as easy as possible so that you can start winning as quickly as possible. It's everything we've used to successfully grow our business and everything our clients have used to successfully grow theirs. So when you have people that really care about you and the right proven strategies - it's pretty hard for you not to win too.

QUESTION #3 - I'm not sure I have the time?

Let's get to the heart of the matter here. It's important to be honest. We're all 'busy', but just because we're busy - it doesn't necessarily mean that we're focusing on the right things that are going to move your life and business forwards. Full disclosure: most people are focusing on the wrong things. And where your focus goes - your energy flows (and usually your bank balance increases as a result too). Here's also where a lot of people go wrong - they build a successful business and their money goes up massively - but their free time goes down. That's not a good place to be either. So everything we teach is about you building your business as efficiently as possible so that you can get the financial rewards but also keep your time too as that's super important. So whilst most people are working flat out just to keep their head above water - working 10/12/14 hour days (the wrong way) - if you honestly can't dedicate less than 30 mins per day to your marketing, to help you build your brand in the right way, to help you get more high quality leads and amazing clients that are going to pay you what you're worth - in order to give yourself the future that you desire and deserve - then we're not sure that we can help you in all honesty - if you're not prepared to help yourself. On the other hand - as long as you are prepared to trust us and you listen to our expertise, you implement our advice and you do the work - there's no reason why it shouldn't work for you as it has for everyone else. Please understand that as soon as you join, you've got us on your side and the reality is that we want you to win as much (possibly even more) than you do, so we will do everything that we possibly can to ensure that it happens for you.

Check Out These Amazing Results That Recent Members Experienced After Implementing Our LinkedIn Strategies


10K bonus thank you very much!

#Win "I was looking for a way to get more sales and partnerships through the door for my role. I came across Darren & Hollie almost by accident - but I'm so glad I did. I've just exceeded my company sales target and bagged myself a nice little 10k bonus thanks to everything I've learnt. You guys rock x"

Josh B.


6 new clients + 23 booked calls

#Win "I don't usually go for things like this but was recommended to you and like what I heard. We already run a successful business but hungry for growth so I was looking for new ways to get more leads in and turn them into paying clients. Glad we did it. We've picked up 6 new clients already and got another 23 calls booked for next week."

Paul J.



#Win "I needed a way to get more clients for my consultancy practise. The tools and strategies that we've learnt from Darren & Hollie have been invaluable and it's been fun too. But best of all, I had 4 scheduled calls this week with people interested in working with me and I managed to generate £6k initially with an agreement to keep it rolling each month as long as we're all happy. Time for a celebratory drink. Thank you everyone"

John F.


3 new potential clients

#Win "Had 3 people message me this week via LinkedIn who are interested in working with me. I sold one of my smaller programmes via message and have 2 discovery calls booked for tomorrow & Thursday! Love this #excited

Laura K.

Virtual Assistant

Just the help I needed!

"I got made redundant from my job of 12 years and was really worried. I decided to start up on my own and needed to get my a** into action quick time. I'm so glad that I came across Darren & Hollie, they've been a lifeline to me and really helped me get back up on my feet again with a real, profitable business of my own! I'm forever grateful for all of your help"

Michelle R.


More time now to do what I love - highly recommended!

"I took the LinkedIn Booster Programme and thought I'd learn a couple of things. The amount of value that I've got from this is hard to put into words. What I've learnt has totally changed the way I do business for the better. I'm working less, getting paid more and actually choosing who I want to work with. As a result I've had more time to travel and do the things I love to do whilst still helping a bunch of people. If you've never worked with Darren & Hollie before - it's most definitely highly recommended." 


Business Owner


First Ever £12k Client!

"#Win Today I closed a deal for my first ever 12 month coaching programme for £12k!!! I'm speechless. They've paid in full and we're starting next week. Thank you doesn't even begin to show how grateful I am for everything you've helped me with."  

Kim H.


Secured New Partnerships With Some Of The Largest Brands In The UK

"Thanks to Darren & Hollie, we  secured new partnerships with some of the largest brands in the UK using LinkedIn – a testament to their relentless energy and drive."

Ollie B.

Successful Business Owner